IT + amedes: Why it’s a perfect match

You've never heard of amedes? Let us fill you in:

We are a highly technologized, digital and innovative medical company based in Hamburg and Göttingen, Germany. Over 4,000 motivated and innovative employees are working for us. We offer almost every opportunity that the IT heart desires, like working with Big Data and Data Analytics, research and realization in the field of AI or bringing large production lines into the age of IoT and Industry 4.0.


Our industry:

laboratory technology and medical-diagnostic services for patients, physicians in private practice and clinics.

Surprised? Let us tell you more about one of the most advanced company in the field. Because to maintain our high technological standard and even more to set standards for the future, we need one thing above all else: You. You and your digital mindset. Your enthusiasm for technology and your imagination of what it can do tomorrow. We have long recognized that our personal progress, as well as the progress of the industry, is closely linked to technological investments. Investments that we want to make above all at the employee level. Only in this way can we realize great visions, such as the development of Europe's leading laboratory - both in the physical and digital world.

But we also know that IT, medical processes and the lab still have one big thing in common: They are incredibly complex. The fields of application and possibilities are almost infinite. So how do you find out if your knowledge and interests fit with amedes-IT?

That's why we've created an overview of all the ways you can shake up IT and our digital movement at amedes. Let's go:

#meinamedes | Johannes

#bethere - Our IT specialist Johannes particularly appreciates the fact that he can use his work to support our doctors in their work with patients.

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