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Since we are looking for support in various IT topics, are keen on new ideas and like to get started in a short time, we offer internships or student jobs at any time. Just contact us and we will find the right opportunity for you! We are keen on cooperating with you if you are looking to combine computer science with any field of our industry.

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Thesis Writer

Are you looking for a use case for your thesis - Bachelor or Master - so that your work can be applied directly instead of ending up in a drawer? Our door is open! We are primarily looking for computer science students, preferably with a focus on medical or bioinformatics.

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Tech Minds with Business Sense

Business model requirements are increasingly merging with IT requirements. We are looking for minds that can combine both worlds. People who have a comprehensive knowledge of technology stacks and landscapes at global view and know where new digitalized paths can be taken in our company.

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Personalities who like to go ahead and get things done fit in with us. Especially important: people who think around corners. This works particularly well when people previously unfamiliar with the industry take a look at the circumstances. That's why we are very happy to receive applications from completely different areas!

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Data Analysts

Data analytics is one of the biggest drivers of our industry. If you have experience in this area, a job opportunity at amedes is almost guaranteed. On the other hand, you can use your knowledge and skills in an area whose data volume will exceed that of the largest tech companies in the near future.

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