“I function when I can create great ideas with strong, creative minds and think beyond boundaries"

Thomas - Passionate Networker

Innovation often arises when different opinions, ideas and experiences meet. They are prevented when people remain trapped in their own bubble for fear of stealing ideas. We at amedes know this - and are fully committed to co-innovation. To give you an example, we are currently developing a new, future-proof laboratory information system (oneLIS4all) which will be used worldwide in the future.

This lighthouse project is representative of numerous projects that we are tackling together with partners, which are for example

  • Labsolution - a software company specializing in laboratory information systems, being our main partner in the LIS project
  • Valudio - our partner to analyze legacy data to derive improvements for the future.
  • Adesso - a partner in the development of agile project methodology and technology roadmaps and driver for the transformation to a cloud-based LIS

If you love interdisciplinary work, are well networked and know exactly which minds to bring together, then amedes is an excellent place for you. We give you the means and opportunities to live out your ideas with the best partners.

Let's shape the future together!

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