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Industry 4.0 is my home. I want to live this passion to the full in my job.
I love combining different sciences and working in an interdisciplinary way.

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What do you think of when you imagine laboratory technology? If we draw the classic picture, it's people sitting in front of the test tube with pipettes in white coats. At best, the use of IT is limited to rudimentary databases and communication tools.

But what about the following buzzwords: Industrial manufacturing? Fully automated roads? Complex data analytics and use of the cloud? Welcome to the true reality of the modern lab! One like you'll find at amedes. Our industry is more dependent on digital transformation than any other and most advanced across the whole health care and medical sector And it is getting better every day to make even more reliable, precise and, above all, faster important contributions to the health and well-being of our society.

Most prominent project at amedes on the way to the age 4.0 is the co-development of a forward-looking laboratory information system (oneLIS4all).

The challenge: to build a fully comprehensive software from six legacy systems that meets the quality standards required in the laboratory environment and at the same time heralds a major step into the digital future. What are we still missing? People with strong communication and presentation skills who can understand and convey the voice of medical experts, laboratory machinery to IT experts. We are also looking for you if you are the perfect bridge builder between laboratory and IT and know exactly whether a software meets medical standards. You can look forward to a young, flexible team and contributing ideas that will be developed tomorrow. Become part of a project that will not only put amedes on the fast track, but the entire laboratory industry.

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